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What is a Potato Chip?

Recently Dr. Tripp attended a nutrition seminar. When she returned, she shared one of tidbits she had learned:

A potato chip provides a vessel to eat oil.

I thought, that's a new way to think about  chips - that makes it seem much less appetizing. I did a little research. and found out the following:

  • Potatoes chip are made from potatoes sliced about .06 inches thick
  • An average pototo is sliced into 36 chips.
  • The potato slices are fried in canola oil to make the thin slices crispy.
  • If you look at the nutrition info for a potato chip, most of the calories are from fat - but looking at a potato itself, there is no fat in it.

I think its true - the potato chip gives you an easy way to eat oil. For more details on potato chip production, watch the video.

There are more video's out there - for example, How they Make Stackable Chips. The recipe for stackable chips is 1/3 water and 2/3 potato flakes with some cornstarch added. Find a video for your favorite junk food, and maybe it won't be as appetizing anymore. A new way to reduce temptation. I feel less inclinded to consider potato chips a treat now.



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