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This nutrition blog and classes have moved to DuPage Family Wellness. Same doctor,  Jamie Tripp Thomure DC, same location in Warrenville, new website. Please visit our new home! The blog comes out every week!

Tripp to Health

Our adventures in healthy eating.

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What to Make For Dinner? Easy Crockpot Chili!

Hi Everyone! I haven't posted a recipe in a while, so I figured I should get with the program! Last night for dinner, I made an awesome Paleo Chili! I found the recipe at I used most of the same ingredients that they used, but I made it in my crockpot instead of on the stove! If you are looking for a meal that is super easy, and you can prep it early in the day, and have dinner ready to roll when you get home, than this is a great one for you! It was super tasty too!!

Here's what I did...

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What Do You Pack For Lunch?

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I have had quite a few people ask me lately "so if you don't eat bread and sandwiches, then what do you eat for lunch?" Before Jared started working, I used to go home for lunch and eat whatever delicious food he cooked for me! I was totally spoiled. Since he started working (woohoo!) we both have to pack lunches every day! It was a bit of a change, but with a bit of planning, it really wasn’t so bad! And now I can give much better advice when people ask me about easy healthy meals to bring with them!

Here is what we brought with this week!

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  • Lynn
    Lynn says #
    My lunch is typically leftovers from the previous night's dinner. I have also made gelatin or pudding as a side using grass fed ge

Help! How Often Should I Eat?

Dr. Tripp's Take on How Many Meals a Day You Should be Having

There is so much information out there on this topic. Some people say 3 square meals a day. Others will say 6 small meals. Some people say you should just graze little by little. Still others tell you that the best way to consume your calories is through various bouts of intermittent fasting. How do we know who to believe?

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Grocery Shopping on a Budget- Part 2

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Healthy Grocery Shopping On a Budget

5 Tips for Eating Real Food on a Budget

Last week I told you all about our grocery budget plan, and how we shop! The goal is to spend less than $300 on healthy groceries for the 2 of us, and save any money left over for big meat purchases! We spent less than $43 on groceries last week, which seems crazy low for 2 people trying to eat healthy! Well I am happy to tell you that somehow, this week was EVEN CHEAPER!? Read more to learn how we did it!

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Healthy BBQ Ideas!

Earlier this week, Jared and I had a BBQ with a few friends! I bet  you were wondering what we did to make it healthier!!


Here are my BBQ rules/tips!



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What do You Eat in a Typical Day?

 I've have aIII'veII have had a lot of people ask me lately, what do you actually eat in a day? How do you not eat bread, pasta, rice, processed foods, etc? So I figured I'd take pictures of everything I ate today to show you all how easy it can be. Yes, today, I was that girl who takes pictures of all of her food. Actually since I started this blog, I've been that girl a lot. Oh well.


Here is Everything I ate today....

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  • Jean
    Jean says #
    Do you eat any snacks??? Dessert?? That would be the hard part for me.
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    Hey Jean- Great question! Yesterday I didn't. For me, what I typically do is eat breakfast around 6 am. My lunch I tend to spread
  • Lynn
    Lynn says #
    For what it is worth, my favorite dessert is raw coconut butter with raw cacao. I add a little water to mix it until it is a puddi

Trouble in Paleo Paradise

What to do when a problem arises

Today I want to talk a bit about damage control. Jared and I had our first FAIL last night. Well, I wouldn’t call it a fail exactly (don’t worry, we still found healthy, real food to eat) maybe more of a snafu.


Here’s what happened...

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  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    No worries, it happens to everyone. At least you didn't have the bun, the fries, and the beer! And you are right- eating out will
  • Sue
    Sue says #
    Good recovery! We also had a snafu last night - forgot to put the planned food in the crock pot .... We didn't recover as well --

Eating Healthy on a Road Trip

How to Eat As Healthy as Possible on a Road Trip

This past weekend, Jared and I went on a road trip! Eating healthy while on the road or traveling can be tricky! If you are staying with people, you may not have too much control over what they serve you. If you have a long drive, fast food places and truck stops are definitely not famous for being healthy!

So what do you do?

Here are a few tips that we utilized this weekend

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Shopping for Healthy Eating - Plus Day 2 updates

Day 2 Updates

So far, the challenge is going quite well!  I am 2 for 2 on making it to the gym (And I did a hand stand against the wall by myself for the first time ever!!)  I was only going to do a weight update weekly, but Jared has already lost 10 pounds! Now I know this seems insane, and I’m sure that this was 99% water weight, but he’s excited. Anything that we can do to keep Jared excited about the challenge is a good thing!

Today, I’m going to talk about what we did to prepare for the challenge in terms of shopping. I would say that for most people (besides the whole skipping the cookie when it’s offered to you part), the hardest thing about healthy eating is having food on hand and having a plan.

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  • Sue
    Sue says #
    Not only is the good stuff around the edges, you can get your shopping trip done alot faster if you don't waste time with all thos
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
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