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This nutrition blog and classes have moved to DuPage Family Wellness. Same doctor,  Jamie Tripp Thomure DC, same location in Warrenville, new website. Please visit our new home! The blog comes out every week!

Tripp to Health

Our adventures in healthy eating.

Dr. Jared Thomure DC

Dr. Jared Thomure DC

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What to Make for breakfast? Easy Egg Scramble

Do you get tired of that boring bowl of cereal for breakfast?  Think it is impossible for you to make something that tastes good in the morning? Time to think again.  Making a healthy, delicious breakfast is achievable, and you can do it yourself! Here is what I used this morning (serves 2):

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Whats For Lunch... and dinner!! Spicy Basil Chicken Wraps and Coconut Curry Chicken Soup!

That's Right- 1 blog post, 2 recipes! Get excited!!

It's always great when you can cook something and use it for multiple meals. That"s what I did today.  I started by boiling 4.5 lbs of chicken quarters.  This was 5 leg/thigh pieces.  I just placed them in a large pot and covered with water, some salt, and about a TBSP apple cider vinegar to help pull some nutrients out of the bones. I brought it to a boil then covered and turned to a simmer and cooked for 90 minutes.  Save the chicken stock you just created for the second recipe!

So for the first meal I decided I would make spicy basil chicken wraps.  Here is what you need and how I did it.
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What to Make for Dinner? Shredded Beef, Red Cabbage, Salsa, Guac, and Mexican Eggplant

At lunch time the other day I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I was in the mood for some Mexican food. I figured if I used the crockpot, dinner would be easy! So I grabbed the following:

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  • Sue Tripp
    Sue Tripp says #
    Yum - Looks delicious. I have a port roast in the fridge - I think I'll try this.

Save Your Back Snow Shoveling

Shoveling snow.  Let's face it, its something that inevitably has to be done if you plan on leaving your house in the winter.  And unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere that provides a nice guy all bundled up to do it for you, you have possibly experienced the sore back that comes after shoveling.  The following are some back saving tips for snow shoveling.

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Last Minute Curry Seafood Dinner Recipe

Dr. Tripp and I had an amazing weekend getaway with her parents in Union Pier, Michigan. We visited a few wineries, as well as Greenbush Brewing Company in Sawyer, MI (great food and craft beers for those of you of age). We also stumbled upon the Ice Festival in St. Joseph, MI, which had some incredible ice sculptors (check out the crazy pic!). We even got to cross country ski on the beach. I had no idea that was even an option in life! I felt like I was in a snow globe wonderland. Also enjoyed some Olympic action….GO USA!

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  • Sue Tripp
    Sue Tripp says #
    Karen - There is now a recipe tag ... need to do some re-tagging to get them to show up there. Will do that ASAP.
  • Karen
    Karen says #
    Jared, I'm loving your recipes... please keep them coming! But you should add a "recipe" tag so they're easier to search for. I've

What's For Dinner?!

So, Dr. Tripp asked me to write a blog for her today. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about at first, then I decided I’d write about what I made her for dinner. We had a ton of cilantro left over in the fridge from the Super Bowl, so I figured I better make something with it. I decided to make a cilantro lime sauce. It was actually pretty easy.

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  • Dr. Jared Thomure DC
    Dr. Jared Thomure DC says #
    Hi, I just put the steak into a plastic bag and ran cool water over it in the sink until it was thawed. It didn't take too long si
  • Sue
    Sue says #
    How did you defrost the meat? It does not sound like you planned ahead and had it already thawed. Not having anything defrosted i
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