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This nutrition blog and classes have moved to DuPage Family Wellness. Same doctor,  Jamie Tripp Thomure DC, same location in Warrenville, new website. Please visit our new home! The blog comes out every week!

Tripp to Health

Our adventures in healthy eating.

Dr. Jamie Tripp DC

Dr. Jamie Tripp DC

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News From Dr. Tripp- In case you haven't heard!

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that the blog is up and running again! I have changed the name of my business and rebranded to DuPage Family Wellness (and my last name for that matter!). If you aren't already on my list to receive blog updates here, I'll add you to the list! You should expect to receive a weekly emaily with any blog entries included that have been written over the course of the week!

In case you have been missing out on articles published during the last few weeks, you can find them all at!

Enjoy, and have a great day!

Dr. Jamie Thomure

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What's for Breakfast? Easy no flour Banana Pancakes!

Hi Everyone!


I know it's been a bit- life has been crazy- I got married... yada yada :)... Anyways, I am back, and still trying to be as healthy as I can! So as many of you may know, Jared and I eat eggs for breakfast just about every day. No I am not worried about my cholesterol, if you want to learn more about that read this old post! Anyways, Jared was getting a bit sick of of eggs and vegetables, so I found a new recipe to add to the mix!!

Easy No Flour Banana Pancakes

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My Top 5 Restaurant Substitutions!

This Blog Post is Moved to our new blog. Click to see it at DuPage Family Wellness

Let me just start by saying that eating out can be very tough! You don't always know how your food is being prepared. It seems like 90% of the options come with some sort of bread/tortilla/french fry, etc. Sauces are almost always thickened with flour or corn starch.  One of my favorite ways to keep things in check is to sub OUT items on the menu for more veggies or other healthier options!! While this isn't always possible, you never know if you don't ask!


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Tips to Prep for the Week: Chicken Salad

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy is being prepared. Jared has been complaining lately that while our fridge and freezer are full of healthy meats, veggies, fruit etc, it all takes prep time. We don't have enough ready to eat food on hand to simply snack on. I decided that I am going to try to make a large amount of something each week to fill this gap! This week- I made chicken salad! Not only is this a healthy snack, but it is very helpful in supplementing our lunches for the week!

Here's how I did it!!

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What to Make For Dinner? Easy Crockpot Chili!

Hi Everyone! I haven't posted a recipe in a while, so I figured I should get with the program! Last night for dinner, I made an awesome Paleo Chili! I found the recipe at I used most of the same ingredients that they used, but I made it in my crockpot instead of on the stove! If you are looking for a meal that is super easy, and you can prep it early in the day, and have dinner ready to roll when you get home, than this is a great one for you! It was super tasty too!!

Here's what I did...

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Healthy and Delicious Grilling!

This has been updated and moved to our new blog:

Ideas for Summer Grilling

Happy Spring! I know for all of your Chicago Folks, we just had snow a few days ago, but walking around outside today officially feels like spring! And what better to do in the spring than BBQ!!!

This past weekend, Jared and I grilled out with some friends. This is not only great on the budget (so much cheaper than meeting friends out for dinner!), but it’s delicious too!!

Here is what we had, plus a bonus list of my TOP 10 veggies for grilling!

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What's For Dinner? Stuffed Acorn Squash

So I’ve had an acorn squash sitting around for a while, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. I used to always bake it and then put butter and brown sugar in it. I admit, this was delicious, but I’ve been trying hard to avoid adding sugar to things! So I found this recipe on and it was Awesome!!!

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There is a lot of very confusing information out there about cholesterol. These days, it is very simple to have blood drawn, learn that your cholesterol is high, and take a pill that will lower it- problem solved, right? Or is it?

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And do you understand WHY?

I was watching the news this morning, and they did a quick segment on a study about Alzheimer’s Disease. According to this snippet, they found an increased rate of Alzheimer’s in patients who had been previously diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes. The newscaster presenting this information was using her best “oh my gosh, what a breakthrough” sort of expression. Meanwhile I’m yelling “DUH, of course they are related” at the TV. Jared pointed out to me that it might not be common knowledge to everyone why these conditions would be related- so I figured I should write about it!

So- Why would people who have heart disease (even high blood pressure) or diabetes have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s?

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What Do You Pack For Lunch?

This topic has been moved to our new blog at DuPage Family Wellness. See the following articles:



I have had quite a few people ask me lately "so if you don't eat bread and sandwiches, then what do you eat for lunch?" Before Jared started working, I used to go home for lunch and eat whatever delicious food he cooked for me! I was totally spoiled. Since he started working (woohoo!) we both have to pack lunches every day! It was a bit of a change, but with a bit of planning, it really wasn’t so bad! And now I can give much better advice when people ask me about easy healthy meals to bring with them!

Here is what we brought with this week!

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  • Lynn
    Lynn says #
    My lunch is typically leftovers from the previous night's dinner. I have also made gelatin or pudding as a side using grass fed ge

Book Review- It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig


Book Review- It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig

I decided to review this book, because it is AWESOME! Every time I bring it to the office, it disappears because I send it home for another patient to read telling them how great it is, and how it will change their life if they let it! It's so hard to explain everything I want patients to understand while they are in the office, but this book explains EVERYTHING- and then some!

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  • Ann Palma
    Ann Palma says #
    I literally just started my Whole30 Challenge on Monday (in conjunction with CrossFit)! I'm four days into it and feeling great.
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    Awesome Ann!!! Keep me posted on how you like it!
  • Lynn
    Lynn says #
    I agree with most of the W30 general guidelines. The Whole9 Life forums are also a good place for support; that is where I first l
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    Good Points Lynn- there are definitely exceptions to the rule. I think that most people eating a "standard American diet" would le

Help! How Often Should I Eat?

Dr. Tripp's Take on How Many Meals a Day You Should be Having

There is so much information out there on this topic. Some people say 3 square meals a day. Others will say 6 small meals. Some people say you should just graze little by little. Still others tell you that the best way to consume your calories is through various bouts of intermittent fasting. How do we know who to believe?

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Grocery Shopping on a Budget- Part 2

This topic has been moved to our new blog at DuPage Family Wellness. See the following articles:

Healthy Grocery Shopping On a Budget

5 Tips for Eating Real Food on a Budget

Last week I told you all about our grocery budget plan, and how we shop! The goal is to spend less than $300 on healthy groceries for the 2 of us, and save any money left over for big meat purchases! We spent less than $43 on groceries last week, which seems crazy low for 2 people trying to eat healthy! Well I am happy to tell you that somehow, this week was EVEN CHEAPER!? Read more to learn how we did it!

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How We Grocery Shop Without Breaking the Bank

Healthy Shopping on a Budget

This topic has been moved to our new blog at DuPage Family Wellness. See the following articles:

Healthy Grocery Shopping On a Budget

5 Tips for Eating Real Food on a Budget


How much is a normal amount of money to spend on groceries?? Last year, Jared and I spent $5077! That’s over $420/month for 2 people. I basically had the perspective that getting groceries was cheaper than eating out, so I didn’t pay any attention to how much we were spending, I just swiped the credit card and didn’t give it a second thought. Patients always tell me that it's too expensive to eat healthy, so I'm going to try to do better in this regard!

This Year We are doing things a little bit Differently...

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  • Karen
    Karen says #
    Thanks for posting again! Though I don't eat Paleo, your blogs help keep me on track towards healthy eating and remind me to shop
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    No problem! Anything I can do to motivate more people!
  • Lynn
    Lynn says #
    I am excited about your budgeting experiment. I spend over $700/mo on groceries for two people. Yes, that is insane, but I buy pas
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    I can totally see how you could spend 700/month on groceries! In the long run its worth it! My crossfit coach had an awesome quote
  • Amber
    Amber says #
    The envelopes sound like a great idea! I probably spend $420 a month on groceries just for 1! My biggest expense comes from "rea

If you would have asked me a few years ago what was the healthiest way to eat, and again today, I would have given you completely different answers. The more I read and learn, the more my views and opinions are evolving.

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  • Irene
    Irene says #
    I too am happy you are writing again Jamie. This winter has been challenging for healthy eating. Thanks for the positive notes.
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    No problem!!! Keep the comments coming if you like what I write! It motivates me to keep it up!!
  • Sharon
    Sharon says #
    Good post! Your journey sounds lots like my own…except for the weight loss part! lol I WILL get there, eating healthy food…Glad yo
  • Dr. Jamie Tripp DC
    Dr. Jamie Tripp DC says #
    Thanks Sharon! And yes you will!!!

Welcome Back!!

Hi Everyone! First of all, I want to apologize if you were one of my amazing followers when I was blogging every day in July and August. I have heard from so many people that I had no idea were intently following, and I did not mean to leave you hanging. I’m sorry I never told you the end of the story!

In case you were wondering…

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Recipe Time- Meatza!!

Meatza Pizza is Now On Our New Blog 

Meatza Pizza! and Other Options for Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Those of you who have been following along know that my boyfriend Jared and I have been participating in a Paleo Challenge for the past 5+ weeks. This involves eating veggies, meats, and cutting out grains and processed carbs. One of the foods I miss most (and used to cheat when before this when I was eating about 80-90% paleo) was pizza! But have no fear, there are a few different ways to do Pizza the paleo way! The one I’m going to share with you today is a recipe for MEATZA!!! Yes that’s right- instead of a traditional Pizza Crust, you make your own crust out of meat!! It is AWESOME!!


Here’s how we did it!

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  • Sue
    Sue says #
    Made this for Super Bowl. Delicious!
  • Katelynn & Shaun
    Katelynn & Shaun says #
    We love Meatza! Thanks so much Jamie for the recipe!

Eating Paleo at a Party!

Over the weekend, Jared and I went to a housewarming party of our good friends. Weekends are easily the most difficult time to stick with the healthy eating, but where there’s a will there’s a way! If you know going into it what is on your good list, and what you are avoiding, it makes things much easier! So as I'm sure you know this by know, Veggies are good, Meats are typically good, fruits and nuts in moderation, and breads, chips, processed foods are out.


So here’s what we ate! (and what we didn’t)

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Whoa- A Dietary Link to My Seasonal Allergies?

If you suffer from Seasonal Allergies, this is a Must Read!!

I must admit, I am slightly afraid to write this article. I am hoping I won’t be jinxing myself somehow…. But… I have had NO seasonal allergy symptoms yet this year! For those of you who have known me my whole life- this is AMAZING!

I just read an article about when seasonal allergy sufferers around Chicago should expect their symptoms to start up. According to the article (and the esteemed allergist that wrote it), symptoms for those with “Hayfever” were supposed to start up August 8th, and last for 6 weeks. This author’s only solutions to the problem were taking medications and staying in air conditioning. So either my allergies are just pleasantly tardy by 2 weeks, or I’m doing something right this year and there is hope and other options out there for seasonal allergy sufferers (apparently 20% of us in the US).

So Why do I think that diet and allergies are related?

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What do do About Lunch- Healthy Box Lunch Ideas for Your Kids and You!

This topic has been moved to our new blog at DuPage Family Wellness. See the following articles:

It’s that time of year again folks! I cannot believe it, but facebook does not lie. I saw all of the pictures the last few days of everyone’s very cute kids in their first day of school outfits. You know what that means… Time to get back into the fall routine of packing healthy lunches for the kids. These ideas totally work for adults too, so if you don’t have kids, don’t worry!

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